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by DaiQian
Sep 3, 2010
8:12 PM

Being evaluated

Support for VS2010


by Cois
Mar 31, 2010
2:24 PM

Being evaluated

The related work items were resolved.
The support for VS2008 was put back and Obsolete Method calls were removed.

The following changes were made:

Project SRResourceGenerator.CustomTool
File: Processor.cs
Added support for new and old Resource (resx) file format in GenerateResourceFile Method.
Added wrapper function to enable VB Project Default Namespace handling on GenerateCode Method and removed Obsolete Method Calls to ICodeGenerator.
Added VB Project Default Namespace handling on Process Method.

File: BaseCodeGeneratorWithSite.cs
Fixed file extension for generated file to follow new convention: .Designer.cs
Removed Obsolete calls to ICodeGenerator

Added File: Template2.xml as an embedded resource file for VS2008 support.

File SRCodeGenerator.cs:
Added support for VB Project Default Namespace.
Added support for new and old resource file (resx) format.
Added baseNamespace handling to GenerateCode Method.
Added registration for VS2010.

File RegistrationInstaller.cs:
Added support for Install Module Options for different Item Template Versions.
Added Item Template Installation code for the selected version of ItemTemplate files to install.

Added strings files for the ItemTemplates used by the Setup Project to 3 folders under the VisualStudio folder: CSharp, VisualBasic and Web.

Project SRGenerator.Setup:
Replace the whole Project with a setup project that supports the RegistrationInstaller methods and has custom options to prompt the user about which versions of ItemTemplate files the user wants to install.
Added ItemTemplate files for all three versions of Visual Studio: 2005, 2008, 2010.
Tested FileInstallations for all three options according to user selection.

(The registration for VS2010 has not been tested yet and need to be verified.)

The Version was increased to 2.2.* and the Product Code in the Installer was updated accordingly.

Project SRResourceGenerator.TemplateWizardExtension was deleted as it is not required anymore.



by cois
May 26, 2009
7:35 PM

Being evaluated

Fixed bug on Code Generator when adding a reference to the ResourceManager class when the namespace is empty.
Added installation and removal code for Visual Studio 2008.
Added string template file containing all strings file options and their explanations.
Added the installation of a strings file template to the Visual Studio Templates, so that the strings file is an option when adding files to a project in VS2008.
Updated Setup Project.


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